In order to study sculpture I began a journey in ceramics.The different stages of color application and the observation to detail characteristic to ceramics broaden my horizons in painting. The surprise element implied by the firing transformation develops an open mind, since there is no absolute control in the process.

Panda-rhinoceros, Ceramics, 30x13x25 cm, 2022

The Rainbow Marina and The Pirates Attack fight over the sycamores, 2022. You can see The Dance of the Sycamores here.

The Magic of the Sycamore Seed, Ceramics, Diameters of the 3 plates : 33.8 ,25.5 , 15.5 in cm, 2021
At the Sea, Ceramics, 24 x 25 x 22 in cm, 2021
Life, Claymation , 2020 , Play_video
Sculpture Soliflore ” L’oiseau du paradis”, Ceramics, 2019
Diptych Le jour et la nuit , Ceramics, 2019
Time, Porcelain, 2017

Mermaid Chase in the Waves, Ceramics, 2017

The Old Man and the Sea, Ceramics, 2016

Samedi Matin, Ceramics, 16x15x12 (in), 2014
Sit on my lap, Ceramics
Le Cri du Cygne, Porcelain, 2014
Relevé lent, Porcelain, 2013
Teapot Ugly Duck, Ceramics, 18 x 10 x10 (in), 2013
Hirondelle, Ceramics, 14 x12x14 (in), 2013
Lacrimosa, Ceramics, 2012
Iliac, Ceramics, 2011

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