Ana Teodorescu

I am delighted to announce that I opened a new pottery shop .

Poster made by InArte Journal

I am happy to announce that InArte Journal selected my painting God please help me to be part of Issue 13. They also organized the exhibition Impetus at the VAV Gallery at the end of March.

I wish to thank the InArte Journal team: Aimée Lebeau, Valeria Ortiz, Gardenia-Jane Duverger Sorroche, Morgane Bernard and Pansy Kostoulias. Thank you!

Participating artists: Manni Wang, Andrea Chenier, Armaan M, Catherine Lipiec, Guillaume Chabot, Hannah Louisy, Jayden Couper, Khalil Naouai, Levanakatz Katz, Scott Cowan, Tanya Pavan, Barbara Ottevaere.

Graphic designer Marianne Lavergne

My first show of the year RE-MEMBERING at CTRLLAB for the Art Matters Festival was awesome. I am grateful to Coco Mariano who organized such an uplifting experience at CTRLLAB with a great variety of media, and a beautiful and sensible curatorial statement. It was an amazing discovery to see my animation Life taking a new dimension and I was very happy to be part of the show.

Participating artists: Alexia Paz Escobar, Yuhui Zhou, Emem Etti, Lourdenie Jean, Mingwei Li, Amy Park, Sridevi, and myself.