Ana Teodorescu

Poster by Tom Adshead

I invite you to see Unbound at the VAV Gallery, from November 7th to 18th. The vernissage is on Thursday, November 10th.

I wish to thank the VAV team for organizing such an insightful exhibition : Renée Mathews  , Sabrina Sherman and Emily Blair. Thank you very much!

Artists participating:
Alice Cloutier-Lachance @alicecloutier, Jen MacIntyre  @jen.macintyre_ , Alicia Hammerman, Sara Annunziata  @sara_annunziata_photography, Hannah Louisy  @han_5000_nah Nelly Blanken @nellyblanken and myself.

Poster made by Ali Khiri

Art POP and Atelier Mobile organized a bronze and aluminum casting exhibition at L'Entrepot77 in Montreal on September 17th.

Artists participating:
Nelly Blanken ,Malaïka Petersen-Pelletier, Colin Goodfellow,  Ali Khiri, Yann Pignard, Médéric Corbin, Dexter Barker-Glen, Ambre Morin Laurencelle, Manny Schwartz ,Carmine Tagliamonti, Frédéric D.Gagnon, Carlos Rojas, Leigh Freeman, Émile Bouchard Fortier.

I wish to thank Professor Eduardo Della Foresta for organizing this exhibition as well to Ali Khiri for designing the beautiful poster. I wish to thank Monique Deschamps, Kevin François Andres-Teixeira, Diyar Mayil and Joé for their precious help.

Yiara Magazine organized an exhibition at Espace Pop for the launch of Volume 10 in the spring of 2022.

Artists participating:

Quang Hai Nguyen, Thai Hwang Judiesch, Sarah Demers, Drinalba Shérifi, Dan Young, Naimah Amin, Kari Valmestad, Kioni Sasaki-Picou, Nathalie Sereda-Bazinet, Issy Tessier, Tiana Atherton, Marianne Lefebvre- Campbell, Hannah Ferguson.

I wish to thank Yiara Magazine for selecting my painting Paloma and also thank Hashmita Almichandani for the presentation article she wrote for my piece.

Thank you all at Yiara Magazine who made this possible! They have an incredible team:

Co-Editors-in-Chief Aaliyah Crawford & Leighetta Kim, Creative Director Nesreen Galal, Head Writer Hashmita Almichandani, Managing Editor Yolanda Smith-Hanson, English Editors Christina Marando & Ali Byers & Charlotte Perreault, French Editor Agathe Nolla , Digital Content Manager Alana Batten, Events Coordinators Amara Balk & Sophie Semeniuk, Finance Coordinator Liza Makarova, Copy Editors Hannah Ferguson & Agathe Leroy & Ashley Rose, Merveille-Lovinsky & Xavi Meza-Wong & Hannah Silver, Contributors Lune Wagner & Renata Critton-Papp & Isabella Carver & BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner.