The functional aspect of ceramics brings a tangible contact to art in everyday life. For my first collection, my story presents a prince on a horse travelling in a magical landscape in search for his princess.  It is inspired by the photographs of Eadweard Muybridge and the gestural technique of Jackson Pollock. This adventure opened the door to stop motion animation which added a new dynamic to my work. You can see the horse riding on the edge of the bowl here.

Collection Magique

A little bit of magic every day

If you missed my collection and by any chance you wish to see it….


The tiles are first of all miniature paintings and have a thought narrative behind them. .. but you can use them as coasters, small plates, or to decorate your kitchen or bathroom walls and counters. They are extremly thin, almost like a deck card, and precious.

Yin Yang

The Yin Yang espresso cups are a playful design to share a moment with a dear one. They charm by their ellegance and originality and invite one to discover different secrets by dancing them around.

Yin Yang tango.

Ice-cream Cup Éphémère

Actually the ice-cream cup was the first piece of the magic collection. I always thought that the ice-cream vanishes too fast, so I realized it is éphémère. Then I thought to make a cup that echoes the look of the ice-cream so when the ice-cream is finished you can discover the cup and it will be less sad. The shape was inspired by the waves, which are also éphémères, but the architecture is inspired by the pagoda, which is elegant and mysterious.

Now, you can also serve a tiramisu, a crème brûlée or any other dessert you like, that fits in. Actually you can also use it for sushi or to light a candle. Besides that, I am afraid I wouldn’t know, you have to try and see if you like it or not.

Ice-cream show.

Ice-cream Bowl

The ice-cream bowl is the little sister of the ice-cream cup. It is a bit more deep and sits better in the hand.

Square Plates

The square plate is a big wave. The Triple Waves is a series of three embedded plates representing waves riding each other. The decoration is made in such a way to continue the story from a plate to the next.

You can use the big plate to arrange a glorious breakfast or an artistic sushi landscape. You can install a bowl in the middle with some melted chocolate or vanilla cream and surround the bowl with a fruit salad. You can also put in the bowl some melted cheese and surround it with bread, vegetables or meats that want to take a dip. Olé!

Big Bowls

On some of these bowls you can see horses racing through splashes of glaze, as you can see here.

Tea Bowls




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